storing holiday decorations

Storing Holiday Decorations

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah… the holidays are upon us! Decorations are larger and more plentiful than ever, where’s the best place for storing holiday decorations?

Saving and protecting decorations

Storing holiday decorations can be a problem unless you have a house with a large garage or basement. Even then, protecting holiday decorations for next year can be challenging without enough space.

Where to store decorations

If you don’t have enough storage space at home, a storage unit can be really helpful for storing holiday decorations. Because most holiday decorations aren’t too sensitive, either a climate controlled or non-climate controlled storage unit will be just fine. If you have collectables, lots of electronics, or historic ornaments from your great-grandparents, you might consider a climate-controlled unit at Texas Maxi Mini Storage.

Choosing a storage unit size

A 5×10 storage unit is a good size if you have a lot of decorations for many different holidays that you want to access easily and year-round. A smaller unit, like a 5×5 can be just fine if your collection is smaller and you’re not storing multiple holidays’ worth of decorations.

How to organize your storage unit

Before storing holiday decorations, organizing your storage space is key. A 10×5 storage unit is long and narrow, so you can build or buy shelving and put them in along the side walls of the unit. This leaves the center of the unit open as a passageway from which you can easily access and carry items in and out. If your storage unit is smaller, like a 5×5, a tall shelf along the back wall give you plenty of shelf space for boxes, plus some space in the front for easy to remove lightweight items.

How to pack before storing holiday decorations

The most ideal thing to do is to find a collection of boxes of various sizes. Shoe boxes and boxes from bookstores are perfect for smaller items. Grocery store boxes are perfect medium size boxes. Pack your decorations carefully at home. Label each box so that the labels will face outward and you can see them. Plan on putting boxes on the shelves. Heavier items in larger boxes that go on the bottoms of shelves. Fragile and smaller items in small boxes that go on top of the larger boxes. Large garbage bags are great for filling with loose non-breakables. Place loose items in the aisle or in the front of your storage unit, so that you can easily remove them to get to your other items.





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