non Climate Self-Storage Units

Climate or Non Climate Storage Units?

Why rent  Non Climate storage units?

The number one reason to rent Non Climate storage units is the cost.

Non Climate units are less expensive and are perfect for storing everyday items.

Depending upon the climate in which you live,  a simple non climate storage unit can be a viable option.  You can rent storage units from small to large and extra large.

Small self storage units are a great choice for college students storing their belongings over the summer break.

Medium size storage units are perfect to catch the overflow from your home, office or garage.

Larger storage units are a viable option to store and manage inventory for a small business with a centralized location for easy access for employees.

We have enough space for storing your entire house, office or business.

Many of our current storage customers are local business owners, who are in and out of their  units on a daily basis.

If you are still wondering if whether or not you need a climate controlled self-storage unit, consider the factors.

Do the items really need to be in a climate controlled storage unit?

AND What is the cost of the climate controlled verses the non climate controlled storage unit?

Next question would be, how long are you anticipating that these items will need to be stored?  This is important to factor into your decision.

If the items to be in storage are sensitive to heat and humidity AND you are expecting to use a self storage unit for an extended amount of time, then  climate controlled self-storage  units would be an option to consider.

If you still have questions contact your local self storage experts.



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